Traitement anti-cellulite


Traitement de 8 séances

Vous aussi retrouvez une silhouette affinée grâce à un traitement anti-cellulite.

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Traitement Anti-Aging


Traitement de 8 séances

Rajeunir sans bistouri pour retrouver une peau de bébé et un teint lumineux.

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Drainage lymphatique


Traitement de 8 séances

Cette thérapie manuelle draine votre corps en éliminant l’excès d’eau et...

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Rajeunissement du visage


Traitement de 8 séances

Ce soin anti-âge nous fait changer de peau pour changer d’âge.

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Institute Anti-Cellulite Mandarine in Lausanne

Institut anti-cellulite Mandarine-LausanneThe institute Anti-Cellulite Mandarine, in Lausanne, is active in cellulite treatments for more than 20 years and successfully proposes to all women solutions to the cellulite problems, superfluous centimeters and kilos on the thighs, buttocks, hips, waist, abdomen and arm with a slimming effect for a slimmer silhouette.


Eliminate your cellulite !

You also, eliminate your cellulite and lose a size without effort thanks to a tailored diet program with guaranteed results: -30cm and 3kg = 1 size! Slim down and visibly refine, reshape and remodel quickly, firm and tone sustainably, destock fat locally, eliminate cellulite permanently.

A medical quality reference with visible, guaranteed and scientifically proven results thanks to anti-cellulite treatment:

  • Cellu M6 (lipomassage and mechanical roll stimulation)
  • The Skintonic the dermotonie
  • The power Plate (vibrating plate)
  • US2a ultrasound
  • New Life - stimulation
  • Freeze Mp2 radio frequency
  • MYA + ultrasound stimulation
  • Oxy Mégastation ( your natural oxygen injection)

and our latest novelty:

  • Last generation radio frequency Thermage (guaranteed : 6cm - 1 session = lipolysis and lifting)